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General  Policies of VUSD Adult School

Non Smoking Policy

            Board Policy 3513.3


Non discrimination in district programs and activities

            Board Policy 0410


Uniform Complaint Procedure

            Board Policy 1312.3


Fee Policy:

Our community ed/special interest classes are not tax supported.  These classes must be self supporting.   Classes are priced affordably so they cover our costs for teachers’ salaries, teaching materials and classroom facilities. Certain classes may require an additional fee for supplies, books, equipment, materials or registration.  Lab fees can be charged for tax supported classes.  


The adult school will refund all fees if a class is canceled.  No refunds will be made to students who withdraw from a class after it has begun or for other reasons such as medical, business travel or time conflicts.


Adult education classes are designed for and attended primarily by adults.  Students must maintain consistent attendance.  Only enrolled students may attend classes (class auditing is not available).  Children and infants are not allowed in any adult education class except where the class is designed to include children.  In academic classes, two tardies/early departures from class are equal to one absence.  A student may be dropped from class with three absences.  There are no excused absences from class.

Official Records:

All official records of the adult school are held as confidential and no information regarding a student will be released without prior written authorization from the student.

Book purchases:

Books required in certain classes are available for enrolled students to purchase at the adult school office during the evening hours only.  A refundable deposit for books may be required for some classes.


Adult Education classes/programs are designed for individuals 18 years of age and older.  Adults have first priority in any classes offered at the Vacaville Adult School.  Classes are open to all adults of Vacaville and neighboring communities.  Vacaville residency is not required.

Lost Items:

The adult school is not responsible for any lost or stolen items, or any item left behind in any of the classroom locations.

Food and Drinks:

No food will be allowed in classrooms and only drinks in approved, close-topped containers will be allowed.